Saturday, September 17, 2011

Second ride ends in DISASTER!!!!!!

I have been working alot lately. All is good. so i decide to take today and ride the pan head down to pick up a part for my shovel. Easy ride about 30 miles round trip.  Short ride you might say.  well as you can tell already, THE RIDE SUCKED!
I get to the shop to pick up the part i am after and hop back on highway home.  Just running along enjoying the ride, Then PING!  i catch a glimpse of something flying across the Highway.   i start looking around and dont see anything wrong!
 Once again WRONG!!!!!!!! Seems my Exile Sprotor decided it didnt want to work anymore. when i say not work, I mean destroy itself as well as part of the bike and me as well!
This is the second time i have rode this bike. SECOND TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! So a nice ride down and a nice skid on the HWY  AND A RIDE ON THE GRASS MADE THE DAY COMPLETE!
Look below and you see what i mean!!!!!  

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