Thursday, April 14, 2011

MotherFucking coconut!

 have the pleasure of living in the Banana Republic of Floriduh!!!!!! My F350 Motor Finally blew up yesterday and so i am 
Riding to get around! So this morning i run up to get a cup of coffee, I take side roads due to rush hour. Enjoying my Ride 
i see a pick up in front of me and BAM! out fly's a coconut! A Motherf@$king coconut! So as i watch this coconut fly up /out and 
down the road in front of me, I miss the T-shirt that followed it! I avoid the Coconut projectile and the Motherf@%king t-shirt goes 
between my Legg and Motor and Bam ! Lands right on top of my chain and trans sprocket! This is the first time I've seen this, it sucks through my 
trans and Sprocket and locks up my rear tire! Shuts bike down! My rear tire Skidding down the road! I didn't go down and i finally stopped. So here i am looking back at a MotherF#6king coconut and a new t-shirt that i have to pull out of my trans!!!!!! After 20 minuets of cutting and swearing i got my new T-shirt out and the bike fired right up. So i went and got my coffee, still wondering how the F$#K THIS HAPPENED! 

MotherF#$king Coconuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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